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Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training (P.A.C.T.)


The Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training program is designed to assist adults, to gain the skills needed to make them successful competitors for entry-level jobs in construction trade apprenticeship programs. Participants study and apply subjects and skills that are relevant to the work-sites of many occupations, and tour many apprenticeship schools and construction job sites. Students learn basic carpentry skills and terminology, shop math, and effective and safe operation of power tools and demonstrate their competency. Students learn and receive certification in forklift operation, road flagging, OSHA 10 safety, and first aid/CPR. There is additional emphasis on learning skills and adopting attitudes that lead to becoming a positive and productive member of any worksite team/organization. The focus is on building habits for success, including time management, understanding non-verbal communication, taking the initiative, group/ team communication, and line/staff/team organization.
22 credits achieved on completion.

<em>Note: Forklift and flagging certification classes are not open to the public at this time. Call WTC Registration at 206-934-5460.</em>

Estimated Length of Completion

Degree Quarters Credits
Certificate Full Time: 1
Part Time: Part Time Option Not Available

Program lengths are estimates, not guarantees. For the most current program information, please check with the program contact.

There are no entry requirements for this program

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss specific career goals and recommended coursework.

Job tests this program will prepare you for:

  • Forklift Operation certification
  • Road Flagging certification
  • OSHA 10 Safety certification
  • First Aid/CPR certification

For current employment and wage estimates, please visit the following online resources and search for the relevant occupational term:

All costs are estimates and are not guarantees. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling (206) 934-4068. There are additional costs for books and supplies. Each student is responsible for the purchase of certain supplies and required tools before the instruction begins.

Flat Rate

Flat Rate: $

The following fee is associated with the program:

  • Books and supplies: $684

Hours may vary based on specific program requirements.


Course Course ID Credits Availability

No Description Available

MTA 161 5.5

No Description Available

MTA 163 3.5

No Description Available

MTA 164 0.5

- Continuing Education course for P.A.C.T.

No Description Available

MTA 165 0.5

No Description Available

MTA 167 3.0

- Continuing Education course for P.A.C.T.

No Description Available

MTA 172 1.0

No Description Available

MTA 174 2.0

No Description Available

MTA 177 2.0

No Description Available

MTA 179 1.0
Course Course ID Credits Availability

Emphasizes application of mathematics in professional technical courses. Prereq: Satisfactory score on College's math placement test.

MATH 110 3.0