Get Started in PACT

Ready to jump start your education and prepare for a new career?

Steps to Apply

  1. To request an enrollment form please email
  2. Continue admissions process for chosen program

Are you eligible to begin?

Admission to the PACT Programs is open to anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Is competent to profit from the curricular offerings of the institute AND
  • Is 18 years or older; or
  • Is a high school graduate; or
  • Has a GED®
  • Is able to attend Information Session
  • Is able to complete and pass pre-screening urinalysis urine test
  • Is able to meet for a 1:1 interview with PACT Administration Team
  • Is able to apply for workforce funding (worker retraining funds, opportunity grant, BFET or TANF)
  • Is able to enroll and register for PACT classes

Admissions Workshop

Attend an Admissions Workshop to learn if you qualify to get started. Information Sessions are on Wednesdays at 1 p.m.

Have questions? Please call our Front Desk at 206.934.5460 with any questions, to schedule a tour, or for an overview of the Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training program!