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Wood Technology: Boat Building and Repair

Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)

The Marine Technology program at Seattle Central College will train students for a career in the boatbuilding and repair-refit industries. The program teaches entry-level skills in the building and repair of wood and fiberglass hull and vessel components, outboard and inboard engines, testing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems, and the installation of marine pumps in new or retrofit vessels. Instruction also includes the techniques of working with fiberglass and related chemicals.

Estimated Length of Completion

Degree Quarters Credits
Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) Full Time: 5
Part Time:
94.0 - 116.0

Program lengths are estimates, not guarantees. For the most current program information, please check with the program contact.

There are no entry requirements for this program

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to discuss specific career goals and recommended coursework.

All costs are estimates and are not guarantees. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling (206) 934-4068. There are additional costs for books and supplies. Each student is responsible for the purchase of certain supplies and required tools before the instruction begins.

The following fee is associated with the program:

  • Books and supplies: $2,052
  • Program-specific student supplies: $382

Hours may vary based on specific program requirements.


Course Course ID Credits Availability

Intro to wood construction skills and safety, including safe operation of basic hand and power tools, wood construction terminology and materials.

WTC 110 18.0
Course Course ID Credits Availability

Introduces fiberglass boatbuilding as well as wood joinery. Students work in teams to lay up, by hand, a complete fiberglass hull and then trim it with wood. Industry standards in safety and production will be modeled. Prereq: WTC 110 with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

WTC 131 14.0

Introduces basic AC and DC electrical systems as found on recreational and small commercial vessels. Safe installation and troubleshooting of engine starting and charging systems, DC house systems for lights, pumps, navigational gear and shore power AC systems. Prereq: WTC 110 with minimum GPA 2.0.

WTC 132 4.0
Course Course ID Credits Availability

Construction and repair of both contemporary and traditional wooden boats. Topics include: tools, wood types, adhesives, pattern making and interior joinery on wood and composite vessels. Personal and shop safety are emphasized. Prereq: WTC 131 and WTC 132 with a minimum GPA 2.0 for each course.

WTC 133 10.0

Introduces basic gas and diesel engine operating principles, service, maintenance and troubleshooting. Course also covers marine sanitation systems, various marine pumps and plumbing. Prereq: WTC 131 and WTC 132 with minimum GPA 2.0 for each course.

WTC 134 8.0
Course Course ID Credits Availability

Complex fiberglass boatbuilding and repair problems, including repair of damaged fiberglass structures, plug and mold building, and advanced composites, including resin infusion. Direct hands-on experience in safe and productive use of machinery and supplies is emphasized.

WTC 135 14.0

Advanced vessel electrical systems, sizing of battery banks, AC battery charging systems, inverter systems, engine operation gauge systems, gen-sets and galvanic corrosion. Preparation for ABYC Marine Electrical Certification exam.

WTC 136 4.0

Covers skills and strategies needed to meet writing demands in college and on the job.

ENGL 105 3.0

Emphasizes application of mathematics in professional technical courses. Prereq: Satisfactory score on College's math placement test.

MATH 110 3.0

Covers dynamics of organizations and human resources in the workplace: motivational theory, leadership, group processes, organizational theory, participatory management, conflict management and counseling. Primarily for professional-technical students.

PSYC 240 3.0

Introduction to drafting and design using the cross-platform program Vectorworks. Offered at the Wood Technology Center. .

WTC 203 3.0
Course Course ID Credits Availability

Credit range: 1 - 10
Total required credits: 7 - 10


WTC 137 10.0

Credit range: 1 - 18
Total required credits: 10

Provides the opportunity to build one's own boat or undertake a more comprehensive boat restoration project. Emphasis is on performance in a professional manner in safety and project execution. Course is optional.

WTC 138 10.0

Welding Intensive - South Seattle College

No Description available

Z999_ 46 32.0