Wood Technology instructor John Harvey

John Harvey


John has been a professional cabinetmaker and architectural woodworker since 1979. He began his career by training at the Wood Technology Center (formerly the Wood Construction Center) and became a faculty member in 1987.

His extensive building background includes residential and commercial interior construction projects, individual and one-of-a-kind studio furniture pieces and creative turnings. Throughout his career, John has been a builder, a project manager and a contractor.

John was born and raised in Seattle. He has made many contributions to better the lives of hundreds of students he has instructed and guided over the years who have chosen careers in cabinetmaking and architectural woodworking. John feels fortunate, during his years as an educator, to have touched their lives while creating inspiration and confidence in them.

John’s interests include art, music, architecture and all forms of craft and creativity. He teaches his students that “the connection between the heart and hand is very rewarding … and now it is time to build.”