Wood Technology instructor Catie Chaplan

Catie Chaplan


Catie Chaplan is a professional woodworker and teacher who has been a part-time instructor at the Wood Technology Center since the mid-1990s. Catie has taught in Core, the Cabinet and Architectural Woodworking Program, and the Marine Carpentry program. She currently teaches in the Carpentry program. In addition, Catie teaches the computer-aided design (CAD) and computer numeric control (CNC) classes at the WTC and is interested in combining digital fabrication with traditional building techniques.

Catie has been a professional builder for the past 25 years and has worked for local boat builders, cabinet shops, and construction companies. She now owns and operates a small residential design/build company in Seattle. Catie received a BA in Philosophy from Colgate University in 1990. She began her career in woodworking when she moved to Seattle and, enrolled in the Marine Carpentry Program at the Wood Technology Center (formerly Gompers). Catie was the first woman ever to graduate from the Marine Carpentry Program.

Catie is dedicated to teaching and is an active member of the Wood Technology Center community. She enjoys getting to know students and helping them develop great building and computer skills.