Boat Building and Repair - What You'll Learn

The Boat Building and Repair program at Seattle Central College prepares students for a career in the industry. You will gain hands-on experience with hull construction, joiner work, outfitting, fiberglass lay-up and repair, spray-gun techniques and resin infusion. Our expert instructors will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to launch your career.

Upon earning an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in Boat Building and Repair, a student will be able to:

  1. Function as a professional, exhibiting behavior such as, arriving promptly with the necessary tools and materials at the beginning of each project, completing projects within an allotted time, wearing proper personal protective equipment and using tools and machinery in a safe manner. (Think)
  2. Utilize the Internet, reference and repair manuals and American Boat and Yacht Council standards to research problems and deliver findings either in written or oral form. (Think, Connect)
  3. Create a project plan that includes a timeline and estimate of labor and materials. (Think, Connect)
  4. Practice and evaluate personal and shop safety when utilizing tools or machinery and handling supplies. (Collaborate)
  5. Perform wood and composite repair, both structural and cosmetic, effectively and in a cost effective manner. (Think, Connect)
  6. Follow the guidelines for environmentally responsible boat-building and repair trades as delineated by the American Boat and Yacht Council. (Continue Learning)
  7. Identify, disassemble, and repair various types of marine pump systems. (Think, Connect)
  8. Perform electrical repair and installation work on various marine systems according to American Boat and Yacht Council standards. (Connect, Think)
  9. Formulate a systematic approach and justify a plan for engine and equipment systems repair and service. (Communicate, Think, Connect)
  10. Select and utilize appropriate tools and equipment to assess and repair recreational marine engines and their support systems. (Think, Connect)
  11. Produce clearly organized writing in various formats, such as cut lists, material lists, scale drawings and price and time estimates, to effectively communicate with co-workers and customers. (Communicate)

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